March 31, 2023
American UAV MQ-9 Reaper

American UAV MQ-9 Reaper (File photo)

©Richard Lisum/US Air Force/Wikimedia Commons

The mission of the US drones that fly near the borders of Russia is not peaceful. They are not engaged in ensuring the safety of ships. About this on Sunday, March 19, in an interview with the TV channel “Russia 1Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, said.

The Kremlin spokesman noted that such incidents are extremely dangerous. At the same time, it is quite obvious what these drones are doing. Peskov noted that we are talking about the direct involvement of the operators of these UAVs in the conflict, transmits TASS.

March 14 American UAV MQ-9 Reaper with transponders turned off violated the boundaries area of ​​the temporary regime for the use of airspace over the Black Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry established that he was moving towards the Russian border in Crimea.

The Russian Aerospace Forces raised fighter jets into the sky, which were supposed to identify the object. The Ministry of Defense said that the planes did not come into contact with the drone. He went into uncontrollable flight and crashed into the water. At the same time, the European Command of the US Armed Forces stated that the interception by Russian Su-27 fighters of an American MQ-9 drone led to its crash in the international waters of the Black Sea. They explained that the UAV was performing “routine operations in international airspace.”

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