March 31, 2023
Egyptian Foreign Ministry

Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (center)

©Matthias Toedt / dpa central image / ZB / picture alliance / Global Look Press

On Sunday, March 19, Egypt hosted a five-party meeting on security issues. It was attended by Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and the United States. The purpose of the meeting is to reduce tension in the Middle East.

During the meeting, Palestine and Israel agreed to establish a mechanism to combat violence, incitement and actions that could ignite the situation. This was reported in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, writes RIA News.

This is the second meeting in this format. First took place at the end of February in Aqaba, Jordan. The purpose of that meeting was to stop the escalation of tension between Israel and the Palestinians.

As a result, Palestine and Israel agreed to comply with all agreements previously concluded between them. In addition, the parties reached an agreement to work towards achieving a just and permanent peace. They also noted the need for de-escalation on the ground and the prevention of violence.

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