March 31, 2023
Women's hairstyle

If you are tired of ordinary buns and want to experiment, then we suggest transforming your usual hairstyle and making a vertical bow. This is a stylish spring version that is considered the main trend of Paris Fashion Week.

Such an original hairstyle is done quite easily. It is suitable for the office, and for a walk, and for a date, writes Grazia. We will need hair gel, regular elastic, crab, invisible and hairspray.

How to make a vertical bow:

  1. We make a straight or side parting – as you like;
  2. Apply gel generously to the hair to achieve maximum smoothness;
  3. We collect curls in a low tail and fix it with an elastic band;
  4. We wind the tail on the index and middle fingers of one hand. Keep your palm horizontal. First, flip your hair over your top finger, then hook it over your bottom.
  5. The middle, which should be located at the level of the base of the tail, stab with a crab. You can also use rubber bands.
  6. We hide the ends of the tail inside the bow, they can be carefully fixed with invisibility.
  7. We apply varnish on a thin comb and go through the hair to remove all the bumps.
  8. We apply varnish on the resulting vertical bow.

Unusual spring hairstyle is ready. Fast, easy, simple, and most importantly – elegant and original.

Spring has come, and it’s time for light airy hairstyles. It is not necessary to run to beauty salons and spend money on transformation. You can also experiment at home. Let’s try another one spring hairstyle with French pin or hairpin.

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