March 30, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

The TNT channel arranges a free screening of new episodes of the nostalgic comedy Café Cuba.

Show location: Foodhall #313 SKY and FOOD in the shopping center “Gallery”, Krasnodar, st. Golovaty 313.

Show starts: at 16:00, March 19, 2023

Come see for yourself and bring your friends!

On March 13, the TV series “Cafe Cuba” was released on TNT. In the center of the plot is Tamara, the owner of a roadside cafe, played by Marina Fedunkiv, who started a business in the nineties with her husband, but after a divorce she ran it alone. Her husband ran away to another woman. Tamara had to manage the business alone and raise her son. Everything would be fine, but ten years after the “disappearance” of her husband, his new second half, Natalya, is announced on Tamara’s doorstep. It turns out that the man died, and the inheritance should be divided … Tamara’s reaction turned out to be completely unpredictable.

Cafe Cuba will tell the audience not only the story of a strong woman, but will also provide an opportunity to plunge into the nostalgic atmosphere of the vibrant life of the 2000s.

And already this Sunday you will be able to watch the new episodes of this story for free on the big screen of food hall #313 SKY and FOOD while eating delicious dumplings – the main dish of Tamara from Cafe Cuba.

The nostalgic comedy “Cafe Cuba” – from March 13 on weekdays at 20:00 on TNT.

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