March 29, 2023
NATO soldier

NATO soldier (file photo)

┬ęKay Nietfeld/DPA/Global Look Press

The leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance is discussing the possibility of further strengthening its own group of troops, which is based near the borders with Russia. How writes Politico, citing informed sources, thus NATO wants to prevent a possible expansion of the armed conflict beyond Ukraine.

In particular, we can talk about the deployment of 300,000 troops on the eastern borders of the alliance countries. This grouping will also be strengthened by appropriate military equipment.

It is assumed that the first echelon of the NATO grouping will consist of 100 thousand soldiers – they will be ready to advance to the site of a potential conflict within ten days. It is planned to recruit military personnel for this echelon from Poland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The second echelon is designed to support the first group. It should be ready for deployment within a maximum of 30 days, the military will be transferred from Germany and other NATO countries.

Politico notes that such a strategy will require significant efforts from all members of the North Atlantic Alliance. Countries will have to intensify the recruitment of soldiers and increase spending on the purchase of weapons.

Back in late 2022, it was reported that the North Atlantic Alliance might decide on the largest deployment of troops since the end of the Cold War to adapt to the new international environment. In February 2023, it became known that the NATO leadership had decided expand alliance battlegroups on the eastern flank to brigade level as soon as possible.

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