March 29, 2023

Each stain can interact differently with the fabric. It is important to remember what not to do so that the stain is washed off.

Wait too long

Almost any stain can be removed if you act quickly. Therefore, you should promptly send the item to the laundry or take it to the dry cleaner.

Rub the stain

It is better not to rub the stains, as this will thin the fibers of the fabric. It is better to take a paper towel or a clean, dry rag and gently blot the stain, pressing a little, writes “New hearth”.

Start from the center

If you process a stain from the center, it spreads in all directions. As a result, the contaminated surface area only increases. Therefore, it would be more correct to start processing the stain at the edges and move towards the center.

Wash stains with hot water

Spots should be washed in warm water. This also applies to things that you plan to dry clean.

Use bleach

Bleach is an aggressive chemical that can only do harm, especially when it comes to delicate fabrics. If the thing is dear to you, it is better to take it to a dry cleaner.

Checking pockets and sorting clothes are not all pre-wash preparations. previously wrote about four common mistakes when washing in a typewriter, which can ruin things.

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