March 30, 2023

To quickly clean up your closet, you can follow five cleaning principles. They will allow you to get rid of unnecessary things and keep order for a long time.

Completely empty the closet

If you have planned a general cleaning in the closet, empty it completely first. So it will be easier to understand which things are no longer needed, and which can be left. To quickly find irrelevant wardrobe items, lay out the clothes one by one. Cabinet shelves also need to be cleaned of dust.

Start with what you don’t need

The closet is easier to disassemble, starting things that are no longer useful. It can be old or worn-out clothes, or simply things that are not suitable in style. They should be sorted first. To figure out whether to leave this or that item of clothing, remember when you last wore it, and also think about what you will wear it with in the future. If the answers are ambiguous, but at the same time you are not ready to give up some things yet, you can put them in a box and put them away for one or two months. If during this period the clothes are not useful, you can safely get rid of them.

Do not divide cleaning into several stages

Even large-scale cleaning in the closet is best done in one step. Therefore, if you feel ready to sort out your wardrobe, calculate the time so that it is enough for the whole process. After all, the next day there may be other important things, as a result of which the clothes will again be on the shelves in a chaotic manner, writes magazine “Ideas of your home”.

Organize clothes by color

One of the easiest and quickest ways to organize your closet is to sort things by color, leaving those that go well together. A similar method can also be combined with sorting by styles and sizes. As a result, you will create the most harmonious wardrobe, from which it will be easy to collect the desired images.

Separate things by season

Another principle that will make cleaning your closet faster is to separate clothes by season. So you will immediately see what things are out of the usual set and what you can get rid of. In addition, such storage will solve many problems with the organization of space. Out-of-season items can be sent to distant shelves, and what is relevant now will be in a conspicuous place.

Clutter is the main enemy of beauty and comfort in an apartment. Earlier designers gave some adviceto help keep your home clean. At the same time, things will always lie in their places.

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