March 30, 2023

Warm weather is predicted in Moscow next week. The air will warm up by 3–8°C above the climatic norm. This was announced on Sunday, March 19, by Evgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist of the Phobos weather center.

“The upcoming week in central Russia will be marked by a west-east transfer of air masses of Atlantic origin, due to which it will become noticeably warmer,” the meteorologist noted. About it writes RIA News.

On Monday, March 20, cloudy weather is expected in the capital region. Precipitation is not predicted. At night it will be minus 1-6°C, in some places the thermometers will drop to minus 11°C, Tishkovets said. According to him, during the day the air will warm up to +2…+7°C.

On Tuesday, March 21, there will be light showers in the afternoon. In the morning it will still be frosty – the maximum temperature will drop to minus 5 ° C. It will get noticeably warmer during the day – the air will warm up to +3…+8°C.

In the middle of the week, the weather in Moscow will be determined by the intermediate ridge of the anticyclone. On Wednesday, March 22, in the daytime it is expected to reach +4…+9°C. Thursday, March 23 will be even warmer. The thermometers will rise to +5…+10°C. But rain is possible.

It will get colder at the end of next week due to the passage of a cold front. Rain and wind are expected. Rainfall is also possible over the weekend. The height of the snow cover will decrease from 26 cm to 5-10 cm, Tishkovets noted. “At the end of March, the temperature pendulum will swing in the opposite direction, and the final days of the month will be marked by a cold polar invasion with a high probability of snow charges,” he added.

Meteorologists have previously reported that sustained heat should be expectedin Moscow since March 20. According to them, the term “meteorological spring” means that the average daily temperature outside the window for a long time keeps at a positive mark. At the same time, the snow in the capital will completely melt only by March or early April.

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