March 31, 2023
European Parliament

European Parliament building

©Steven Lek/Wikimedia Commons

The European Parliament (EP) silences opponents of arms supplies to Ukraine and deliberately hides the truth about the conflict. On Sunday, March 19, MP Mick Wallace announced this on his Twitter.

“The warmongers in the European Parliament are uncomfortable telling the truth about the stupid proxy war between the US and NATO – the EP would like to silence anyone who has the audacity to expose the madness of Ukraine’s endless pumping of weapons,” the parliamentarian wrote.

The politician stressed that such actions only doom many Ukrainians to death.

Earlier, Wallace said that NATO does not seek to establish peace and security, and his activities laid the foundation for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Speaking about the countries that condemn the Russian Federation for the special operation, Wallace advised to first recall the illegal actions of the United States in other states, in particular in Iraq.

Last Friday, another MP from the EP criticized the supply of weapons to Ukraine. According to him, in this way the West launched a time bomb, because because of this decision, the illegal circulation of weapons around the world increased.

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