March 23, 2023
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In Russia and in many other countries, March 19th is International Client’s Day. This is a relatively young unofficial holiday. Its history dates back to 2010. The initiators were Russian and Lithuanian entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the holiday is to say thank you to your regular customers and attract new ones. After all, the prosperity of almost any business depends on them. On this day, entrepreneurs from various fields give their customers souvenirs and small gifts, hold promotions and sweepstakes, arrange discounts, writes

International Customer Day is also an occasion for entrepreneurs to think about the fact that not only the speed of service is important for the client, but also the quality of the goods and services provided. A friendly, courteous attitude towards consumers and buyers is also of great importance. These simple ingredients are the key to a successful business.

This day also marks:

  • Day of the sailor-submariner. Professional holiday for servicemen and civilian personnel of the Russian Navy. In 2023, it will be celebrated in Russia for the 27th time. Timed to coincide with the decree of Nicholas II of March 19, 1906. On this day, 10 submarines were included in the Navy. The first of them – “Dolphin” – was launched in May 1903.
  • Day of housing and communal services workers. The main task of the holiday is to draw attention to the problems of housing and communal services. Previously, it was called the Day of Trade, Consumer Services and Housing and Communal Services Workers. It has been celebrated since 1966 in July. But after 1988, the holiday was divided into two separate ones. Then the Day of Trade Workers and the Day of Consumer Services and Housing and Public Utilities Workers appeared.

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