March 31, 2023

Makeup is a good tool to visually hide skin imperfections. To make the face look healthy, fresh and rested, you need to know certain makeup techniques and use cosmetic products correctly.

In disguise of dark circles under the eyes, a true friend of every woman is a concealer. Professional make-up artists Mandie Brice and Margina Dennis told how to use it correctly. They also listed three makeup steps to achieve the best effect.

Thoroughly cleanse the face

In order for the makeup to lay flat on the skin, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the face before applying it. “Because you wear concealer often, make sure you take good care of your skin and prep it,” Bryce advises. It is also equally important to keep your cosmetic bag in order and clean your brushes and sponges regularly. writes SheFinds.

Changing the usual pattern

Many women are accustomed to applying concealer to the area under the eyes before using foundation. But makeup artists advise slightly transforming the scheme and changing the order in order to achieve the best effect. That is, first we apply concealer, and then – a tonal remedy. “If you do the opposite, you move the concealer around and out of the dark circles when applying foundation,” Brice explained.

Choosing the right shade

To visually hide dark circles under the eyes, it is important to choose the right shade of concealer. Dennis recommends paying attention to cool orange or salmon colors. They will look natural under foundation. You can achieve the desired effect – the face will look fresh, healthy and rested.

Every woman at any age wants to look fresh and young. Certain makeup techniques, the secrets of which professional makeup artists never cease to share.

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