March 30, 2023
Loading grain onto a dry cargo ship

Loading grain onto a dry cargo ship (illustration)


Ukraine proposes to extend the “grain deal” for 120 days and expand its operation to the ports of Mykolaiv region. Such a statement was made at a meeting of the UN Security Council by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the world organization Serhiy Kislitsa.

“The grain deal should be extended after its expiration on March 18 for 120 days, as provided by the agreement, or for an indefinite period. Its effect should be extended to the Ukrainian ports of the Nikolaev region,” – leads his words March 18 TASS.

Russia is extending the “grain deal” by 60 days instead of 120, the Kremlin confirmed on March 17. During these two months, Western countries should withdraw from the sanctions operations with fertilizers and food from Russia, explained the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN.

The UN reported that they took into account the statement of the Russian Federation on the extension of the “grain deal” for 60 days. The organization noted that they would do everything possible to maintain the integrity of the food deal and its continuation.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation previously lamentedthat most of the grain that is exported under the initiative is supplied to developed countries. Only 3% of them are received by states in need of urgent assistance.

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