March 30, 2023

The color of the walls creates an atmosphere in the kitchen, so it is important to find a shade that matches the theme of the house and the overall layout. As a rule, several color schemes go well with certain types of kitchens. Design expert at Benchmarx Kitchens Ruth Lavender explains what to look for when choosing a shade for a kitchen to make it relevant regardless of fashion trends.

“Choosing the right wall color that matches your interior and embodies how you want the space to be is critical. So it’s important that whatever you choose goes well with your kitchen furniture,” she said.

First of all, Lavender advised to pay attention to neutral shades, as they are “timeless”. These colors look especially good in a small kitchen. So that the space does not look “boring”, the expert recommended combining several different colors. As an alternative, she suggested trying a neutral shade paired with a bolder color on an accent wall.

“Cool neutrals are perfect for rooms that have a lot of natural light. They work especially well with dark greens and blues. The beauty of cool colors is that they don’t overwhelm the room, allowing the other elements of your kitchen to take center stage,” she explained. designer.

Still, it’s important to soften the cold color palette with textures and accessories, Lavender added.

In addition, today warm neutrals are becoming increasingly popular – especially earthy, natural tones, writes According to the expert, they look quite sophisticated and make the interior more expensive and deep. We are talking about dark blue, green and gray shades, which became the main ones for creating a color scheme. As Lavender noted, these tones help to blur and soften the lines between walls, creating a sense of comfort. In addition, they go well with light shades, including pale gray, white and pink.

However, when using dark colors, one should not forget about additional lighting. Otherwise, the kitchen will look dark and uncomfortable. Another way not to lose when choosing a dark tone is to make wall cabinets in light shades.

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