March 29, 2023
Iran airport

Soon Iran plans to open direct flights to St. Petersburg and Kazan. This was announced on Saturday, March 18, by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Crafts of Iran, Ali Asghar Shalbafiyan.

According to him, at the moment there are 11 flights between Tehran and Moscow, writes TASS. He also recommended that Russian citizens visit all the cities of Iran, since each of them has many interesting places and sights.

In addition, the Deputy Minister shared his impressions of Moscow. He noted the cleanliness in the city. “When we drove in the evening, I really liked the illuminated streets in Moscow,” added Shalbafiyan.

As reported, on Saturday, Iranian Deputy Minister of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Crafts Ali Asghar Shalbafiyan said that the system of group visa-free travel for Russian citizens to Iran will work soon. He clarified that work on this issue has already been completed.

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