March 21, 2023

The system of group visa-free trips for Russian citizens to Iran will start operating in the near future, Iranian Deputy Minister of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Crafts Ali Asghar Shalbafiyan said on Saturday, March 18.

“As for the visa-free group travel system, we have already completed [работу над этим вопросом], we have agreed to. We are just waiting for lists of travel agencies in Russia and Iran, because it is necessary that travel agencies be confirmed,” said he is in an interview with TASS. According to the Deputy Minister, the decision will already be in force this spring.

In February, it became known that they could agree on the abolition of the visa regime between Russia and Iran. already in 2023. The Iranian ambassador in Moscow noted that Tehran is waiting for a response from the Russian side and is ready to cancel visas as soon as possible.

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