March 31, 2023
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Indonesia has begun work on the possibility of ensuring that there are no risks of arrest of Russian aircraft that will fly to the country on direct flights. This was announced on Saturday, March 18 RIA News Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Jose Antonio Morato Tavares.

“Companies need a guarantee that when the plane arrives in Indonesia, it will not be confiscated. Now the authorities are deciding whether they are able to provide such a guarantee,” he said.

The diplomat noted that the Ministry of Transport of Indonesia is interested in flights of Russian airlines to the country. In this regard, the authorities are in contact with several Russian airlines that wish to operate flights to Indonesia, and, in particular, to Bali.

Earlier, the governor of Bali proposed stop issuing visas upon arrival for citizens of Russia and Ukraine. He claimed that he had already filed a corresponding request with both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice of Indonesia. However, representatives of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia stated that local authorities take no action to tighten the visa regime for Russians.

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