March 31, 2023
Russian serviceman
©Andrey Rubtsov/TASS

The Russian Defense Ministry has determined the procedure for the entry of Russian citizens into volunteer formations. The corresponding order was published on Tuesday, March 7.

The document not only defines the procedure for entering volunteers, but also their stay in volunteer formations and exclusion from them. The requirements for citizens and the procedure for concluding a contract are prescribed. So, when selecting candidates for volunteers, it is necessary to pay attention to those who have completed military service and have military registration specialties, noted in the order posted on the portal of legal information.

Also, the military registration and enlistment offices will assess the motivation of citizens upon admission. It is prescribed to check the psychological fitness of potential volunteers and their state of health – all this must comply with the requirements. Russians who sign a contract will receive a “certificate of a citizen who is in a volunteer formation.”

The order also specifies the requirements for preparation. It must last at least ten days.

As reported, the Russian Ministry of Defense will provide volunteers with weapons, military equipment, food and necessary things. The department will also take over the provision of medical assistance to volunteer groups.

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