March 23, 2023
extinguishing a fire

In the city of Dolgoprudny in the Moscow region, on the territory of one of the largest chemical industry enterprises Fine Organic Synthesis, on Saturday evening, March 18, a fire broke out. One employee of the chemical plant was injured as a result of the fire. About this TASS told in emergency services.

The fire occurred at Likhachevsky proezd, house 5B. A tank car for storing tall oil with a volume of 12 cubic meters was on fire. Open burning was eliminated at 20.38. The area of ​​the fire was 50 square meters. m, informs RIA News.

Fine Organic Synthesis Plant is one of the oldest and largest Russian enterprises operating in the chemical industry since 1937. The plant produces light-duty products, textile auxiliaries and materials for the leather industry, phytopreparations, polymers, dye solutions for blood diagnostics, and general-purpose products.

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