March 21, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

The winner of the 23rd season of “Battles” will take part in the project “Psychics. Battle of the strongest”

In the new TNT show, the brightest participants of the legendary “Battle of Psychics” will fight for the right to become the best. The strongest winners and finalists of the “Battle” accepted the challenge of the producers and agreed to once again prove their abilities. The nine best psychics will begin the fight for victory on April 1 on TNT.

Vlad Cherevaty, the finalist of the 22nd season and the winner of the 23rd season of the Battle of Psychics, will become one of the participants in the project. The filming of the project has already begun, and apparently the audience is in for a hot season, because the atmosphere on the project, which brings together the strongest psychics of the country, is very tense.

Vlad Cherevaty, participant of the project “Psychics. Battle of the Seasons”: “Why did you agree to participate in the project? I have nothing to fear, I have already proved everything to everyone! There is a goal to help people and show even more viewers what I am capable of. I have no competitors, but there are people with whom I would really like to work: these are Victoria Rydos and Nadezhda Shevchenko ”

“Psychics. Battle of the Strongest” is a tournament in which the best of the best will show their strength and esoteric skills. Once they have already proved what they are capable of. But can the best stay that way among the strongest? In each edition, the participants will be tested, and the jury members, the audience and the psychics themselves will determine those who did it better, and who should continue to practice their skills.

Premiere of the new project “Psychics. Battle of the Strongest” will take place on April 1 on TNT!

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