March 30, 2023
living room interior

The use of dark colors in the interior is a bold interior decision that will justify itself if everything is done correctly. A few tips on introducing such colors into the space were given by experts.

Size doesn’t matter

Don’t be afraid to use rich dark tones in small rooms. They hide the corners of the walls and also create the illusion of endless space. The dark walls in the room can be balanced with light-colored furniture and linens.

Focus on space

Color often deceives the eye and can make a room appear larger than it really is. Add a few color accents to a dark room: bright chairs or pillows. As a result, you will focus on them, and the walls will become a kind of scenery.

Beat the plinth

If the room has a low ceiling, you can paint the ceiling plinth to match the color of the walls. So you make the ceiling visually higher. And to create the illusion of depth, place a mirror on the wall, writes “New hearth”.

Start Small

Dark colors can be bright or neutral, it all depends on the lighting. When in doubt about color, you can start small. For example, a small room in dark colors will become a real feature in the house.

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