March 31, 2023

The purpose of makeup is to hide imperfections and emphasize dignity. Keep in mind that there are beauty products that can help you look your best. In particular, this applies to the masking of wrinkles. We will tell you what will help you hide wrinkles with makeup.

Makeup artist Gabriela Soares from Canada posted a video in which she shared her makeup tips for women over 50. She has one easy way to get flawless skin. You just need to use a primer.

Many of us skip this step, but it can drastically change your look. According to Gabriela, the primer makes wrinkles less pronounced and helps make-up last much longer. About it writes RSVP.

However, the makeup artist warned that you should be careful with matting agents. She noted that they can make you look much older.

A few makeup tricks can visually make the face younger, tighten the contour and mask wrinkles. This does not require complex techniques. Enough to get acquainted with a few tips. They are suitable for women over 50.

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