March 30, 2023
pruning dracaena

Dracaena is one of the most popular and common indoor houseplants. If you decide to trim it, then read the rules for this process. To make it pass without problems, you need to know the features of this procedure. Let’s tell you about them.

When to prune?

The best time to prune is when the plant is in its active growing season. That is, spring and summer. If possible, avoid this procedure in autumn and winter, when growth slows down and the plants are at rest. About it writes Gardener’s Path.

How to remove leaves?

To remove brown, yellow, or dying leaves, you can use clean, sharp scissors or garden shears. Cut as close to the trunk as possible.

To curb unruly growth or create a more uniform appearance, trim the tips of the leaves so that they form a symmetrical arc, starting at the top then working down. Be careful and cut only in small sections 3-5 cm long. Do this at an angle. Move away from the plant to accurately assess the overall shape, then repeat pruning as needed for the most pleasing look.

On the portal toldwhat to do with the dried tips of the leaves. They noted that they need to be removed along the edge so that they do not spoil the appearance of the plant.

Dracaena – large and hardy indoor plantwhich does not require frequent watering. You should focus on the illumination in the room and the size of the pot: the larger the volume of soil and the less sunlight, the less often watering is needed.

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