March 23, 2023
American journalist Seymour Hersh

American journalist Seymour Hersh

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US journalist Seymour Hersh said he could not disclose all the information he knows about the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion. About this he told in an interview with the Austrian edition of Express.

“I know a lot more about this than I want to say. But I have to protect the people who talk to me,” added Hersh.

According to the journalist, everything he wrote is true. He noted that he knew about the meetings and the details of what happened in Norway. 85-year-old Hersh recalled that he had been “engaged in special services” for 50 years.

Speaking about the situation around Ukraine, the journalist admitted that he did not expect Kyiv to win. According to him, the Russian Federation will win the conflict.

Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh published his investigation into the Nord Stream bombings in early February. According to his sources, explosive devices under the pipelines were planted as early as June 2022. The operation was carried out by US Navy divers with the support of Norwegian specialists under the cover of Baltops exercises. The decision to blow up was made personally by Joe Biden after discussions with administration officials. However, the White House stated that USA don’t have to sabotage no relationship.

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