March 23, 2023
Rocket launch of the DPRK

Rocket launch in North Korea (file photo)

©Kim Jae-Hwan / Keystone Press Agency

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries jointly declared that North Korea will never receive the status of a nuclear power in accordance with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. This became known on Sunday, March 19.

In the document adopted by the Foreign Ministers, North Korea was again called upon to proceed with denuclearization, which is significant for diplomacy. The country was also asked to heed the repeated proposals for dialogue put forward by Japan, the United States and South Korea, transmits RIA News.

The diplomats also expressed regret over the inaction of the UN Security Council on the actions of the DPRK. UN member states were called upon to implement the resolutions fully and effectively. In addition, the ministers noted that North Korea is now in a serious humanitarian situation. Continuous engagement is needed to bring peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula, the statement said.

North Korea on Sunday launched ballistic missile from the area where the Dongchangni test site is located. According to the South Korean military, the missile flew 800 km and fell into the Sea of ​​Japan. North Korea has stepped up its missile tests amid South Korean-American exercises Freedom Shield. Pyongyang considers them “preparation for an aggressive war” against it.

On March 17, the North Korean leader announced that Pyongyang will continue to take action against the provocations of South Korea and the United States. He stressed that the DPRK is ready to respond “to nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons.”

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