March 31, 2023
SSJ-100 on the runway

Aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100

©Wikimedia Commons

Operators of Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft are facing a shortage of spark plugs for Russian-French SaM146 engines. About this on Friday, March 17, informs RBC, citing sources in six airlines that operate the SSJ100.

According to Vladimir Panfilov, deputy general director of IrAero, such a situation may lead to the suspension of part of the Superjet fleet in the near future. In addition, there is a risk of a gradual but complete cessation of flights of the entire fleet of aircraft, he said in his letter addressed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

IrAero General Director Yuri Lapin, for his part, confirmed that in the future this problem could negatively affect the intensity of Superjet flights. “But right now everything is in order – we have a few spare candles, so we do not reduce the intensity of flights,” he added. Lapin noted that other carriers also reported to the Ministry of Industry and Trade about the shortage of candles.

Azimuth airline also announced a serious shortage of spare parts. Industry representatives have come up with several solutions to the problem, but until at least one of them is certified, the carrier will not increase its Superjet flight hours in the summer season.

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