March 23, 2023

A hanging eyelid can be both an anatomical feature of the eye and a consequence of age-related changes. To get rid of the disadvantage, some women resort to the services of plastic surgeons, but there is an easier way to achieve a lifting effect. In particular, makeup artists advise drawing arrows on the eyelid, which will visually make the look expressive and open. To create flawless arrows, you only need concealer, eyeliner and a beveled flat brush.

5 steps for an expressive look:

  • take a little concealer on a flat brush and draw a thin arrow with it from the outer corner of the eye on the upper eyelid in a downward direction;
  • now on the lower eyelid draw another line with concealer, but already up, writes The Voice. Both arrows should form a cross;
  • then you can proceed to the arrow itself. From the point where the lines of the concealer intersect, start drawing an arrow with eyeliner, guiding it up the bottom “rough” strip. The main trick is that the arrow should be a continuation of the lower eyelid.
  • now it remains to blend the concealer with a brush and apply mascara to the eyelashes;
  • do the same with the second eye.

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