March 29, 2023
Small kitchen

Spring is a time of renewal, when you want freshness and bright colors. Do a general cleaning in the kitchen, lay a new tablecloth, hang light curtains. If you want a bigger makeover, change the color of the walls. Experts gave advice on which shade is better to choose for small kitchens.

Neutral warm colors will do. You can use pastel shades of yellow, blue and pale pink. If the walls or furniture in the kitchen are light colors, you can add textures – granite or marble countertops and wooden shelving, writes Ideal home.

Kitchen expert at MyJobQuote, Penelope Jacobs, recommends using glossy, handleless kitchen cabinets to create a minimalist design. You can also opt for shaker-style cabinets to create a more classic style. Add a statement piece, like a brightly colored stove, to give your kitchen a bolder look.

Ruth Lavender of Benchmarx Kitchens says even a small kitchen can be impressive. “Paint the walls a neutral color and add a dark cabinet. Or, to keep your kitchen light and airy, opt for dark floor cabinets and white or gray wall cabinets,” says the expert.

Previously, gave four tipsthat will make a small kitchen comfortable and stylish. Install a gray kitchen set and use multifunctional appliances.

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