March 30, 2023
Loading grain onto a ship

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday announced the extension of the “grain deal”. Her term was due to expire on Sunday, March 19.

“We ensured the extension for a new term of the agreement thanks to the negotiations that we held with the two parties (Russia and Ukraine. – “Profile”),” Erdogan said during a speech in the city of Canakkale in western Turkey.

In addition, the President thanked the UN for its efforts to extend the agreements, writes TASS.

Earlier extension of the “grain deal” for 60 days confirmed in the Kremlin. This was reported to journalists by the press secretary of the Russian leader.

March 13 at the Russian Foreign Ministry reportedthat Moscow has no objection to the extension of the “grain deal”. At the same time, the ministry added that the position of the Russian Federation will be determined depending on the progress in normalizing Russian agricultural exports.

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