March 31, 2023

At least 14 people were killed, another 381 were injured in a strong earthquake in Ecuador.

Most of the deaths were in the province of El Oro. A two-story residential building collapsed there, rescuers sort out the rubble. Reported on March 19 RIA News with reference to the press service of the President of the country.

Initially, four victims of the disaster were known, later the death toll has risen up to 13. In addition, the child died in Peru, where tremors from the earthquake in Ecuador were also felt.

An earthquake of magnitude 6.7 was recorded in Ecuador on Saturday evening. The tremors were felt by residents in 13 provinces of the country. The epicenter was located 59 km from the city of Guayaquil. The elements completely destroyed seven buildings, about 50 more residential buildings were damaged.

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