March 29, 2023
North Korea launches ballistic missile

North Korean ballistic missile launch (file photo)

©kcnawatch. co/Global Look Press

The launch of a ballistic missile by the North Korean government violates UN Security Council resolutions and is a provocation that increases tension in the region, Kim Gong, special representative of the South Korean Foreign Ministry for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, said on March 19 after telephone conversations with colleagues from Japan and the United States. About it writes RIA News.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry added that the diplomats of the three countries strongly condemned the missile launch. The participants in the talks came to the common opinion that it is necessary to give a “strong response from the international community” to provocations by the DPRK.

North Korea on Sunday launched ballistic missile from the area where the Dongchangni test site is located. According to the South Korean military, the missile flew 800 km and fell into the Sea of ​​Japan.

Since March 13, South Korea and the United States have been conducting military exercises Warrior Shield. The maneuvers include about 20 drills, including landings. Pyongyang has been criticizing military activity on the Korean Peninsula and is threatening a “stunning” response.

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