March 29, 2023

Hairdresser named Gabi, known in social networks as Glam Girl Gabi, told what kind of haircut instantly makes older women look younger. First of all, the expert noted that there is no “right or wrong” hairstyle – it’s all about personal taste and style, which allows you to feel confident.

However, almost everyone has a favorite hairstyle, so the hairdresser often encounters women who are “stuck” trying to find new options. According to Gabi, a great way to freshen up the look and shed a few years at the same time is to add bangs.

This haircut has many useful properties. For example, bangs can make the face look smaller and even hide the wrinkles on the forehead and at the corners of the eyes, if cut properly. The hairdresser emphasized that many women are sure that they can make a suitable bang on their own, but in this matter it is better to trust a professional, writes

Gabi also noted that one of the main advantages of bangs is that they go with any haircut and hair type. This means that there is no need to completely change your style, just a little experiment with bangs is enough.

However, the expert named one option that mature women should avoid. “Too square and blunt or too short bangs do not suit mature ladies. These types of bangs are like arrows directed towards the eyes, so they draw attention to wrinkles and swelling in this area,” Gaby explained.

The hairdresser added that most of her clients over 50 prefer a “softer” haircut.

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