March 21, 2023
Raspberry harvest

The taste of berries is affected not only by their variety, but also by the characteristics of growth. If the variety itself is sweet, and the fruits grow sour, you should pay attention to the conditions for caring for the crop.

For example, raspberries, cherries and strawberries will gain the right amount of sugars if the air temperature is optimal – from +20 to +28 ° C.

The taste of the crop is also affected by an imbalance in nutrition. In particular, when an excessive amount of nitrogen is added, the acid in the berries will be more pronounced. To adjust the taste, you need to make sure that the culture receives nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in moderation, without skew in any direction.

Lighting also plays an important role – in the bright sun the berries grow sweeter than in the shade. In addition, in thickened bushes, the berries are more acidic than on those bushes with an openwork and well translucent crown. The right choice of growing location, pruning and thinning will help improve the taste of the crop.

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