March 21, 2023
Military equipment

Military equipment (illustration)

© Belgian Ministry of Defense /

Belgium is going to send Ukraine 230 army vehicles. We are talking about 80 armored multi-purpose vehicles and another 150 military trucks.

It is reported on March 7 by the agency DPAreferring to the Belgian Ministry of Defense. They specified that they plan to start deliveries next week, from March 20 to March 26.

How clarifies TASS, the decision to supply equipment to Kyiv was made by the Belgian authorities at the end of January. Then it was also reported about the provision of a €92 million military aid package to Ukraine. The Belgian military has already carried out a technical inspection and repaired cars before shipment.

Supplying weapons to Kyiv, The West launched the bomb delayed action, says the French MEP. In her opinion, because of this decision, the illegal circulation of weapons around the world has increased. She recalled that the total amount of support for Ukraine from the EU since the start of the special operation of the Russian Federation amounted to €3.1 billion.

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