March 27, 2023
Roman Kostomarov

Russian figure skater Roman Kostomarov

©Viktor Pogontsev/Interpress/Russian Look/Global Look Press

Figure skater Roman Kostomarov is conscious, understands everything and is ready to fight for his life. This statement was made by the silver medalist of the Olympics and choreographer Ilya Averbukh.

“We all support Roma. Indeed, his family is going through very difficult trials,” Averbukh said. His words on Sunday, March 19, leads TASS.

He declared his readiness to “do everything” so that Kostomarov not only lives a full life, but also returns to the ice. Averbukh also pointed out that “a huge road” is still ahead. “But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are all striving for it,” he added.

Roman Kostomarov was admitted to intensive care with pneumonia on January 10. Then he was transferred to a hospital in Kommunarka, where they began to do the procedure of artificial oxygen saturation of the blood with ECMO. Later, this was no longer necessary.

On February 7, information appeared that both feet were amputated to the skater. Later, the source said that the athlete was amputated a few fingers.

According to Izvestia, Kostomarov need another amputation limbs. However, the athlete’s body is not yet ready for such an operation. According to the source, the skater is still on a ventilator.

Roman Kostomarov was paired with Tatyana Navka. They won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Turin. In addition, the duet has won victories at the world championships, European and Russian championships.

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