March 31, 2023
Aftermath of the earthquake in Ecuador

As a result of the earthquake, which occurred on Saturday, March 18, at least four people died in Ecuador. There are also reports of casualties and damage.

By data newspaper El Universo, the shocks were felt in 13 provinces of the country. Several of them are damaged. Three people died in the province of El Oro, and another in the province of Asuay.

In El Oro, a two-story residential building collapsed, people can remain under the rubble. Rescuers are also clearing rubble in the town of Naranjal. In some cities in the west of the country, power supply was partially lost.

6.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Ecuador on Saturday evening. The epicenter of the tremors was located 59 km from the city of Guayaquil, located in the west of the country.

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