March 31, 2023

A law on amendments to the electoral code came into force in Belarus. The President of the Republic signed it on 16 February.

The document was officially published on February 21. As indicated on the national legal Internet portal of Belarus, the main provisions enter into force 10 days after publication. Thus, the amendments came into force on March 4, reports RIA News.

The norms of the Belarusian electoral legislation are being brought into line with the new constitution of the republic adopted earlier at the referendum. As pointed out in the Belarusian Central Election Commission, the updated document included norms reflecting the experience of conducting election campaigns. In particular, polling stations abroad will not be formed.

The system of election commissions and the procedure for creating constituencies have been optimized, and additional requirements for candidates for deputies have been prescribed. The amendments indicate the inadmissibility of having citizenship of another state, the “Polish card” and similar documents of other countries that give advantages and benefits.

For candidates for the post of head of state, the age limit was increased to 40 years and the residency requirement to 20 years. It is also established that the same person can be elected President of Belarus for no more than two terms.

In addition, the amendments adjust the timing of electoral procedures and accreditation of election observers.

The referendum on the adoption of additions and amendments to the constitution of Belarus was held on February 27, 2022. According to the CEC of the republic, for adoption of amendments 65.16% of the voters who came to the polling stations voted for the basic law.

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