March 31, 2023
How to clean an oven
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Over time, the oven becomes covered inside with various contaminants that are difficult to remove even with special means. But there is one method that will help to cope with this problem without much difficulty. No chemicals are needed for it – only water and citric acid are used in the process.

The method does not require special physical costs, but you need to allocate time for it.

In order to wash the oven even from old fat, first you need to heat it up to 170-200 degrees.

After that, 2 liters are poured into the pan. boiling water and diluted in it 4 tbsp. l. citric acid. The dishes are placed on a baking sheet or wire rack in the oven and the door is closed. The oven is turned off and left in this form for the whole night.

After 10-15 hours, all deposits and fat can be removed with a slight movement. Due to the action of steam and citric acid, the dirt comes off on its own, so just a few minutes of work with a cloth is enough to make the oven shine again.

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