March 31, 2023

Certified makeup artist Kalondia Casey shared her secret method for applying under-eye concealer that instantly makes you look younger. She demonstrated her own method in a video published in TikTok.

At the beginning of the video, the makeup artist noted that many people ask her all the time how exactly she applies concealer, and are asked to reveal the method. The expert admitted that to achieve the best result, she uses two different products – moisturizing and with light-reflecting pigments.

When it comes to application techniques, the makeup artist has a simple trick: instead of applying the concealer in a semicircle under her eyes, she draws two V-shaped lines that lead from the outer and inner corner of the eye to the bridge of the nose.

“Avoid the moon shape because it will only accentuate circles and wrinkles under the eyes,” the expert advised.

To create a V-shape, she uses a moisturizing concealer. After that, the make-up artist applies a corrector with reflective particles in the middle.

Casey also revealed one secret for those who want to look younger: after applying the concealer, you need to leave it on for 30 seconds so that the product warms up from the heat of the skin.

“Now, with the help of my fingers, I will begin to drive it into the skin with light movements. From the warmth of the hands and face, the concealer fits perfectly,” the makeup artist assured. At the final stage, she blended the product with a makeup brush.

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