March 21, 2023
Protests in France
©Quentin De Groeve / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP / EastNews

In Paris, 4,000 people are participating in a protest against raising the retirement age. They gathered in the Place d’Italie on Saturday, March 18th.

By information channel BFM, the protesters moved to the Place d’Italie because the authorities banned mass rallies on the Place de la Concorde and the Champs-Elys√©es. Law enforcement officers are on duty there to prevent unauthorized protests. The French gathered in the Place d’Italie are trying to set fire to the urns. The police stop these attempts.

Spontaneous demonstrations against the pension reform took place in Paris on Thursday and Friday at the Place de la Concorde. March 17 went to the square more than 2.5 thousand people. The protests were attended by students and trade union activists. Some aggressively minded participants threw stones at law enforcement officers and kindled fires. In response, the police fired tear gas. For two days, about 300 people were detained for participating in riots and clashes with police.

On March 16, the Prime Minister of France announced the adoption of a pension reform, bypassing a vote in parliament. The first protests against innovations, according to which the retirement age will be gradually increased to 64 years by 2030, began in France in January.

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