March 29, 2023
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It is not necessary to buy a lot of things to look stylish and original this spring. It is enough to replenish the wardrobe with universal clothing options and fit them into different images. So you can significantly save on purchases.

White or black T-shirt

This is a basic piece that should be in every woman’s spring wardrobe. A T-shirt can fit in almost any style – both classic and sporty. It is better to choose loose styles. They look stylish. An oversized t-shirt will look good with jeans, and with trousers, and with a skirt, and with sweatpants. This thing can be worn under a jacket, and under a jacket, and under a sports jacket.

Loose bomber jacket

In the spring it can still be cool, so you can’t do without outerwear for the time being. A coat is good, but this thing still cannot be attributed to the list of universal ones, which cannot be said about a bomber jacket. This jacket will look stylish with skirts, jeans, and even trousers. The main thing is to choose the right combination of colors.

Wide jeans

Skinny jeans are out of fashion these days. It is better to give preference to free and wide styles. They look great in any outfit. In addition, wide jeans well align the proportions of the figure and hide its flaws, writes The Girl.

Denim skirt

This thing is back at the peak of popularity. Moreover, you can choose any length – mini, midi, and even maxi are relevant. It all depends on your taste preferences. Shabby denim will look good. For example, you can wear a denim skirt, an oversized T-shirt and a bomber jacket – a stylish and original look is ready.

Fashion is changing rapidly, and not every woman has time to follow trends and trends. To look stylish and original this spring, you need give up four things in wardrobe. They have long been outdated.

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