March 29, 2023
Hair coloring

Fashion is changing rapidly, and this also applies to trends in hair coloring. Not every woman has time to follow them. To look fashionable and stylish, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the current techniques that will be at the peak of popularity throughout 2023 according to the chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT.


The balayazh technique creates the effect of sun-bleached strands. This coloring looks as natural as possible and emphasizes the beauty of the hair. The technique has a big plus that will help to significantly save money – you don’t have to go to a beauty salon every month to lighten the roots, writes The Girl.


Suitable for women with light brown hair who want to make their shade a little lighter, but are not ready to completely dye their curls. When dyeing babylights, several upper strands are lightened, and then they are tinted into a warm blond. The rest of the hair mass is not exposed to chemical attack. Curls look as natural and natural as possible.


A hair coloring technique called sombre (soft ombre – “soft ombre”) is an alternative to the already outdated ombre. In this embodiment, the natural hair color becomes the background. If with ombre the border between colors is clear, then with sombra a smooth transition is created.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum, ash gray and cold blond are now more relevant than ever. These shades look spectacular, but there are several disadvantages. First, you will need to regularly go to a beauty salon to tint the roots. And, secondly, you will have to spend money on special hair care products. It will be necessary to monitor the condition of both the color and the curls themselves. It is important to moisturize them regularly with conditioners and masks.

Coloring allows not only to change the color of the hair and refresh the image, but also to look younger. The stylist and hairdresser previously told what type of dye is better to choose and what mistakes must be avoided.

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