March 31, 2023
woman in wardrobe

Fashion is changing rapidly, and not every woman has time to follow trends and trends. To look stylish and original this spring, you need to give up four things in your wardrobe. They have long been outdated.

Boots with a free shaft

This shoe is out of fashion. Now fashion designers are trying to rely on options that fit the leg and make it more elegant and feminine. Boots with a free shaft are best replaced with stocking boots. They look especially good with mini and midi skirts, as well as loose-fitting shorts.

Narrow skirt

This spring, it is better to abandon tight-fitting skirts and opt for loose styles. Pleated skirts are at the peak of popularity. They add romance and lightness to the image. Moreover, such a model can be entered in almost any style. She looks good with a loose sweater, and with a jacket, and with a top. Here you can experiment and not be afraid to approach the formation of an image with creativity, writes The girl.

Printed leather jackets

The leather jacket itself has not lost its relevance, but it is better to abandon models with a print – bright patterns and inscriptions. Such options look cheap and already unoriginal. The fashion for them has passed. It is better to make a choice in favor of plain leather jackets or leather jackets.

short coat

If you have a short coat in your wardrobe, then feel free to hide it away and do not wear it in the spring. Longer options are in fashion now. And you can experiment with fabrics – choose what you like best. For example, a good option is a long woolen coat. It will be warm and comfortable. You can fit such a thing into both classic and sporty looks. This is a win-win for spring.

Now is the time to start preparing your wardrobe for the new season. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, better familiarize yourself with the latest trends from the fashion world. The stylist told about them earlier.

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