March 31, 2023
woman applying makeup

Fashion is cyclical, and today some make-up techniques that were used in the 90s have become relevant again. These are blue shadows, and a slight glow of a highlighter, and gloomy shades. You can not be afraid of experiments and approach makeup creatively.

blue shadows

Relatively recently, the trend for blue shadows has returned to fashion. Such a bright makeup with arrows is more relevant today than ever. To make it look neater and in line with modern trends, it is better not to forget to use a highlighter to make the face “shine”. And the lips can be emphasized with a rich gloss in a dark nude range, writes The Voice Mag.

Makeup without makeup

Now at the peak of popularity, natural beauty is a minimum of cosmetics on the face. But it is important to understand that this effect is achieved through the use of certain cosmetics, color schemes in tandem with makeup techniques. Make subtle arrows, use a highlighter, apply nude lipstick, and you can’t go wrong.

Gothic notes

The image of the main character of the TV series “Wednesday” returned to fashion gothic makeup. Dark colors on pale skin are more relevant than ever. Therefore, you can not be afraid to do monochrome makeup of lips and eyes in gloomy shades – black with a purple tint and dark brown. Also, maroon and red-brown lipsticks are back in fashion.

In 2023, creativity and fantasy are in fashion. You can not be afraid to experiment and stand out among others with the help of bright colors in makeup. But skin care is just as important. These trends fit harmoniously the top makeup trends for this year.

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