March 31, 2023

There is an opinion that women over 50 should not wear jeans, as this is the destiny of the young. However, today more and more fashionistas are getting rid of prejudices and wearing denim trousers with pleasure. According to stylists, there are three models of jeans that will not only make you look younger, but will also look better on older women.


These jeans are perfect for slimming, stretching and combined with almost any wardrobe items. This silhouette is considered the most unpretentious, as it is easily combined with different shoes. Stylists advise wearing straight jeans with a jacket, shirt or sweatshirt. The main thing is to buy a pair without embroidery and scuffs.


The cult model is imbued with the spirit of freedom and rebellion, so now it is again at the peak of popularity. Flared jeans well correct the figure, balancing the chest with the hips, and visually make the silhouette more harmonious, writes Fammie. For those who want to add height, it is better to choose models with vertical seams and front slits.


These jeans “gather” the figure well and smooth out all physical imperfections due to the free cut. Although at first glance this style can hardly be called slimming, but the right model can work wonders. To lighten the silhouette, you first need to tuck the bottom – an open ankle always slims and adds height.

Also, the shirt needs to be tucked in to define the waist. If you need to hide the tummy, you can make an asymmetric lap. Color will help to emphasize the elegance of age and add chic. Stylists recommend choosing black, indigo and cobalt.

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